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Mining Technology Partners is a group of professionals working together to enhance business development and sales for service and technology providers in the mineral exploration and mining industry.

We are passionate about the adoption, awareness and integration of technology and innovation.

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Goldcorp, Taking Initiative in Technology & Innovation with Luis Canepari, VP Technology – Episode 8


Luis Canepari, VP Technology Goldcorp explains his role and shares the company´s vision of technology and innovation in the mineral exploration and mining industry. Luis talks about the investment and innovation framework and how the company has set out to lead by example in contributing to the advancement of innovation and technology. Luis discusses defining innovation…

Imago Screen Capture

Imago, The Future of Geoscientific Imagery by Federico Arboleda- Episode 7


On today´s Episode 7, Learn about the future of geoscientific imaging with Federico Arboleda, Founder of Imago. Imago is an internationally based company innovating the capture, storage, integration, quality control and ease of communication around geoscientific imagery. Federico shares what we are missing with how we currently manage our imagery and how this innovation can maximize your…

VAMOS at work in a mine

Episode 6 – Project VAMOS with Edine Bakker, La Palma Institute


On today´s Episode 6 we have Edine Bakker of the La Palma Research Centre in Spain talking about project VAMOS, the Viable Alternative Mine Operating System. VAMOS will enable access to mineral deposits and reserves in greater depths using a robotics system for clean, low visibility underwater mining with limited environmental impact. Currently unreachable mineral…

Screen Shot 2018-03-30 at 11.00.45 AM

Episode 5 – Getting Deep Data & Increased Confidence by Implementing Muon Tomography


Don Furseth of CRM Geotomography Technologies What technology can see through a cubic KM of rock!? Don Furseth is a technology commercialization veteran with degrees in Engineering and Engineering Physics and 30 years of industry experience ranging from larger systems and imaging technology companies, to technology start-ups in roles from product development to product management…

Mining Tech South Logo

Mining Tech South America Conference & Exhibition


Mining Tech South America is a conference and exhibition focused on the technology aspect of mining with emphasis on technology trends and innovation. The event is attended by miners, technical providers and investors interested in technology and innovation in mining.  The objective is to provide a forum to advance mining and to provide opportunities to…


Episode 3 – CSIRO´s Reflexivity Group Innovating CSR and Our Thinking on Community Relations


Episode 3 – Mar. 6, 2018 PDAC 2018 Edition Guest: Dr. Rolf Fandrich, CSIRO Reflexivity Group From the CSIRO stand at PDAC 2018 Convention South Tradeshow floor in Toronto, Dr Fandrich shares CSIRO´s approach to innovation and the CSIRO Trust Model that characterizes the relationship between a community and the mining operation they live alongside.…

Theory-2 Air Cylinder Wheels

Episode 2: Lessons in Product Innovation and Challenges of Distribution of Innovative Technology


Airless non-pneumatic wheel solution solves a number of problems. Rubber tire and rim is replaced by a steel structure lasting 20 times longer than the traditional wheel and solving a number of safety, environmental, operating costs and maintenance problems.


Episode 1: Corporate Affairs and Sustainability and Design Thinking


How design thinking is applied to corporate affairs and sustainability. Alberto shares the unique efforts of the company in Mexico with the communities living closely to their mines and how they apply design thinking to the business process.

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Core orientation

Real-Time Targeting with Quality Structural Data- Bringing QAQC to Oriented Core Drilling


Introduction: Oriented core drilling methods have rapidly evolved over the last several years, leading to a recent uptick in use and multiple case studies where proper use of the tool leads to discovery. Modern orientation tools utilize solid-state accelerometer sensors to reliably determine and mark the position of the downward acceleration vector of gravity on…


Take the leap to NIR technology – a few points about mineral detection in the field.


Near Infrared Measurement Options for Today’s Exploration Geologist Near infrared spectroscopy (NIR) is a proven analytical technique that measures light reflectance in the visible and near infrared region of the spectrum (350 to 2500 nanometers) to identify and differentiate various minerals.  While not all minerals are discernable with NIR, many of these minerals that are…

mine manager and worker visiting mining site

Recurring Visits with Prospects and Clients. Is It Worth It?


Today, there are many ways to promote your business. If you want to be competitive, to develop with the market and to maintain the pulse and not be blindsided by your competition, you need to consider site and client visits. There is no question that if you have a good business you will find work…

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