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Mining Technology Partners develops business for providers of innovative services and technologies in the mineral exploration and mining industry. We grow and maintain industry relationships to bring value to the mineral exploration and mining industry through education and access to new technologies. Visit our client page and contact us today to see if your products suit our customer portfolio.

The Podcast

Welcome to the Mining Technology Parnters podcast where every couple of weeks we uncover the who´s who and the what´s next of technology and innovation in the mineral exploration and mining industry.

We bring industry contacts to our listeners for the purpose of knowledge sharing and collaboration and awareness of advancements and research around the globe. It is all in one podcast to listen while you commute to the mine, project or the office!

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In the System Control Room Technical Operator Stands and Monitors Various Activities Showing on Multiple Displays with Graphics. Administrator Monitors Work of  Artificial Intelligence, Big Data Mining, Neural Network, Surveillance Project.


What is the future of innovation in exploration and mining?  How do we find, justify and customize technology or participate in its development?  How do others do this and what is the business justification?  Are we lagging behind our potential?  Who are the leaders in innovation and how do we compete, participate, contribute and benefit?

Whether you are a provider, collaborator or consumer...or maybe just looking for solutions, this is the podcast community for you!  Come in, read, write, interview, blog, comment and subscribe.