Our Clients

Manage your photos and maximize the return on investment

Our Clients

Discover how to make your data more accesible and clean with smooth integration across your business and disciplines.

Our Clients

Our clients are always innovating to bring value to their customers.

Services & Specialists

From geochemists, qualified persons, software specialists, full service geological and camp services and instrument operators, these clients are listening.


Game changing instrumentation for exploration and mining. From in-field detection to real-time information these clients are on the cutting edge of technology.


You recognize the value of your information and need to protect your investment. Learn how to maximize the value of your data with our clients who are setting industry standards.


Mining Technology Partners rapidly expanded our mineral exploration and mining drilling business. Within months we were quoting a very large quantity of business, attending meetings across the country and building our contact and client reference base.

- Peter Shortus, General Manager - Landdrill International Mexico


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