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Why this blog?

Advocating for Technology

I created this blog and accompanying podcast (coming soon) to aid in the adoption of technology in the exploration and mining industry. This is a forum for everyone from inventors, entrepreneurs, end-users, decision-makers and, my personal favorite, the early adoptors of technology – you know who you are!  This is a forum to exchange ideas, success, the under appreciated experience of failure and information.

From the time I started using software in engineering and the mineral exploration industry in the late 90`s, to my experience with portable and laboratory analytical methods and new ideas like researchers putting instrumentation on shovels, I have found the evolution of technology in this industry engaging.  (It is my excitement that makes the run-on sentences…..)  While working with some of these technologies, I had the chance to view research facilities and to meet innovators of products the industry is calling “game changers”. For me, if it were not for technology, I would not have entered the mining industry. I don´t really know why that is, I just had no mentors or mindfullness of the industry careers where I grew up.

From the beginning of my time in industry, I have been involved with development, implementation, support and training development and have been an empathetic ear to all parts of the process from the design process to results from end users. Based on the past 11 years of these experiences and being a great consumer of (or dependent on) products built from the labours of the mining industry, I hope that I can contribute to the industry by putting innovators, industry adoptors and the business side together directly though our blog and podcast.

You are invited to be involved by suggesting content, contributing or commenting on the blog and podcast. We aim to develop an accessible community forum.

In addition to the blog, keep an ear out for our podcast coming February 2018.  Do you ever wonder how to implement products you thought of or wonder how others do it? Do you wonder about the implications of technology and the lack of adoption and what it means for your job, workflow or job future?  

What about the business side? What are mining companies doing to foster technology advancement and how is that important to their business? What is in the mind of a C-level manager regarding technology in the industry? Stay engaged and innovative!




About the author, Cynthia

An advocate for creative, effective adoption of technology and its focused development around its users.